Thursday, August 16, 2012

Top 10 Tourist Spots in Davao City

Nature, Wildlife and Culture Experience

1. The Philippine Eagle Nature Center

The Philippine Eagle Nature Center
If you want to take a glimpse of the coveted and nearly extinct Philippine Eagle, then the Philippine EagleNature Center is where you should go. It is the home of 36 Philippine Eagles, ten other bird species, 4 mammal species, and 2 reptile species. The place is also ideal for educational trips especially about learning the ecosystem where these eagles could thrive.

2. Crocodile Farm

Davao Crocodile Park
In the heart of the city lies a habitat filled with one of the wildest creatures known to men, the crocodiles. What started as mere fascination to crocodiles has blossomed and grew into a lucrative leather business and a wildlife preserve that is home to many species aside from saltwater and freshwater crocodiles. Take some time to visit this place and enjoy the wonders it offers.

3. Eden Mountain Resort

If you want to have a more relaxing mountain respite, conquering the Eden Mountain Resort is definitely a very good idea. Being in this glorious mountain haven is like experiencing nature, adventure, leisure, culture and eve romance at the same time. Visiting this place is a must if ever you decide to experience Davao.

4. People’s Park

One of Davao’s pride and a tourist magnet is the People’s Parklocated at the center of the city.The cultural-themed park is projected with life sized sculptures of the Lumads in Davao City, thePhilippine eagle and many more.This 4-hectare park also features the Durian Dome (a tropicalfruit Davao City is known for), the Promenade (a track favoured by many joggers and healthbuffs fore early morning exercise), the Dancing Fountain (the first in Mindanao), a 10-meter man-made waterfalls against a backdrop of a volcanic rock wall, benches and Kid’s playground.

Nearby Getaways

5. Island Garden City of Samal

Although, territory wise IGACOS or the Island Garden City of Samal belongs to Davao del Norte, the island could be easily accessed through Davao City. Take a break from busy Davao and go to Samal for a day or two vacation. There are a lot of resorts to choose from depending on the kind of retreat you want to have. Please visit for more info. 

6. Mt. Apo

Mt. Apo is not exclusive to Davao City. It could be reached through other places in Mindanao such as Bukidnon and Kidapawan. However, most Mindanao outsiders would need to pass through Davao City in order to reach any of the trails leading to the famous mountain peak of Mt. Apo, the largest mountain in the Philippines.

Nightlife Experience

MTS(Matina Town Square) / Torres / Jack’s Ridge

If you are interested for some night life adventure, then the Matina Town Square (MTS), bars and restos lining the street of Torres, and Jack’s Ridge are some of the top choices you have. They offer live band entertainment, best tasting food with different cuisines, affordable beer and the best night-life experience.
Matina Town Square
Photo by :Keith Bacongco

Thrill and Adventure

DECA Wakeboard Park

You do not have to go far just so you get a taste of speed, wakeboard and thrill. Davao also offers this kind of adventure to offer. Although it is not yet complete, when done, the DECA Wakeboard Park will be the biggest wakeboarding park in the whole country. One advice, if you do go and experience wakeboarding, make sure to go when there are not so many people around so you could have the speed adjusted and you have more turns.

Zip City and Outland Adventure Xcelerator 

If it is the thrill of heights you are looking for, then going for a zip line ride is definitely what you are looking for. Using the standard equipment advised by the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation, you are assured that you are safe even if you travel midair, 320 meters long and 120 feet above the ground.

D’leonor Inland Resort and Wavepool

If you have had enough of swimming pools and you think you are quite bored with them, surely you will love to try the new wavepool in Mindanao. It is something that not a lot of people in this part of the Philippines have already tried. Imagine a pool with simulated beach waves. Surely, it is worthy enough to be included in your must-try list.

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